" A Healer Lives in You "

  - Rens

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Finding your Self

Therapy techniques I use.....

Just like there is no single remedy to cure all disorders, there cannot be Just one therapy to cure all emotional, adjustment and relationship issues. 
I am a Spiritualogist, I combine the study of Psychology with Spiritualogy and bring it into my practice. My treatment comprises of a combination method, which includes several forms of Psychotherapies and not just CBT. Apart from using Psychotherapies, I also use Clinical Hypnotherapy which treats Emotional, Behavioral, Mental and Physical Illness Issues. Referrals are made if there is a need for medication along with therapies provided by me.
Past Life Regression Therapy is another special modality used by many practitioners in the states, for which I got formal certification from AHA, California, USA. 
The combination helps especially those clients who have done Psychotherapy and Medicine therapy for years together, and have not yet reached a state they want to reach, rather seeing just an increase in medicine dosage levels. 
The combination method makes the therapy process for a shorter duration, with insights obtained which in turn leads to further required changes. COMBINATION THERAPY recordings are given to clients as per their condition, which they listen at home and this brings internal changes which is required for a Client to be motivated and consistent to achieve change. A therapist cannot be present 24.7, it is during these times that the combination Therapy recordings aid the client, and slowly forms a necessary habit pattern which we all call as 'Personality'. This new formed affirmative habit brings more consistent and permanent changes.


Apart from Psychotherapy, Hypno-Psychotherapy, PsychoSpiritual therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, I also use the trance state for healing Emotional Issues and also certain Physical illness by Energy Healing , Colors (Light Healing) and HART Technique I invented. Know more about HART by clicking the below link


"My path is to Heal , not Prove..... "

- Rens

Apart from Past Life Regression Therapy I also do Age Progression, where my clients under trance are guided by their Higher souls about the Purpose of their Life, how to resolve current issues by taking the necessary steps, also knowing important incidences of Future Life yet to come and take it as a guidance to live the present. Few of my clients have also known the Journeys of next life times. Few concepts like Metaphysical Causes of Illness and Numerology and its Spiritual meaning is also something which I have recently come across, as one of my new research interests, which I am applying with my clients as per the need.

Welcome to Healing, and finding the Healer in you.....

Experience Healing with Psychotherapy Clinic - Amoh

Modalities I use....

  1. Brief Psychotherapies

  2. Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) 

  3. Cognitive-Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

  4. Clinical Hypnotherapy

  5. Reiki Therapy

  6. Past Life Regression Therapy

  7. Soul Healing

  8. HART Technique, Healing above Regression Therapy - My Patent

  9. Eclectic

  10. Emotional Freedom Technique

  11. Existential

  12. Family / Marital

  13. Humanistic

  14. Integrative

  15. Intervention

  16. Jungian

  17. Mindfulness-based (MBCT)

  18. Motivational Interviewing

  19. Narrative

  20. Psychodynamic

  21. Psychological Testing for Therapy

  22. Relational

  23. Solution Focused Brief (SFBT)

  24. Transpersonal

  25. Trauma Focused

  26. Adlerian Approach

  27. Energy Healing

  28. Cord Cutting

  29. Angel Oracle and Tarot Card Reading

  30. Chakra Card Reading

  31. Akashic Card Reading

Concepts used in integration with Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy

Concepts are integrated into Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Session

With You Every Step of the Way

Individual Therapy

Helping clients bring back the focus to their own self, making them more self aware and to seek their own answers is what my therapy process is all about. I believe we each have the best answers within us, it is just that some forget to reach them, some do not listen to them and keep repressing the inner voices, and some are more focused on external than internal world.....

Orange Tulip

Services I Offer .......

Family Therapy

A family comprises of individual entities, usually family conflicts arises from the rigid beliefs each person holds. These rigid beliefs are born from childhood experiences and adulthood experiences, and we each want to prove that , " what I think is right" , my belief is right".... The question remains, ultimately who is Right ?..... Several such concepts which complicates a family system is discussed during sessions which helps each member to realize their own belief systems resulting in family conflicts.


Couples Therapy

Any Relationship stand on two strong pillars:

Acceptance & Transparency

The minute any one pillar shakes, the relationship can no longer survive. There are several reasons why a couple cannot accept each other as they are, whereas it was the same person they fell in love with, with all the same flaws.  Do not confuse acceptance with Tolerance though... known more such concepts in therapy.

Lying begins, when one partner finds lying to be easier than ,giving explanations or facing emotions of another partner, which causes more stress and strain in relationship.

Couples therapy is all about balancing the Pillars and ultimately working on the relationship. 

Lovers Holding Hands

Adolescent Therapy

Short to Tall

An age which comes with adjustments, identity confusions, finding self worth, seeking belongingness, yearning for love, career formative years and much more.....

Instead of directly targeting the behavior to be changed, what led to that behavior is more important. As I believe one cannot change the behavior, until the causal factor is understood. Depression, Anxiety, Addiction issues are not a Problem in itself, but rather the consequence of a Problem. It is always best to bring your adolescent child for Therapy during initial signs of behavioral issues, rather than postponing therapy under the false assumption that it is just a phase. 


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