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Everything you need to know is HERE, Book dates via email only
(Use a Laptop for accessing all links and documents properly)

This year am continuing to hold online  audio or video sessions for best interest of both. I have been providing Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Regression therapy and other modalities online since 2010 and in person since 17+ years.




Please do feel free to share via e-mail if you wish, before we book and meet online. Any initial consultation is via email only, which serves the same purpose as a call, rather it can be done in more details. If needed ask your queries via email without hesitation, I will be more than happy to answer them. 

*All modalities/ therapies are done online audio , video or on direct phone line. Apps used are Skype, Whatsapp, or a secure link. For those who are not on Skype or Whatsapp, do not worry, I will email you a secure link, all you need to do is click the link and join without having to download any app.




Intake - Consent form is to be filled atleast 24 hours before your appointment.

My first and follow up sessions are paid therapy sessions, all with same rates as the first session. 





Kindly let me know your preferred time and day, so that I can confirm our appointment for the coming weeks.




Verify with your insurance company are you covered for Registered Psychologist, Registered Social Worker or Registered Psychotherapist.


1. For insurance covering a Psychologist or Social worker (is through my association with Licensed professionals) face to face session/ online fee is $190 CAD / 140 USD. Fees are acceptable by etransfer for every session, and a receipt would be provided for it. 


2. For insurance covering a Psychotherapist online session fee is 160 CAD / 115 USD. Fees are acceptable by Credit card or by E-transfer for every session, and a receipt would be provided for it. 


 3.  Insurance for Psychotherapist $80 for 30 min "Low Cost Offer", No insurance $65 via e-transfer for 30 min. and 120 for 1 hour Services offered: Online video or audio session. 



A receipt will be sent by email once the fees are paid for therapy services, before a session begins. This receipt can be then used by you to claim insurance from your insurance provider and even the ' Uninusred Bill' can be used as a medical billing while filing your tax return..




Any modification or cancellation within 24 hours must be communicated preferably by email to If you must reschedule or cancel an appointment, please inform us at least 24 hours ahead of time so that the session can be offered to another client. Rescheduled or cancelled appointments within the 24 hour period will be billed a minimum $100 CAD / USD cancellation fee automatically. Your full session fee will be applied for missed appointments. 




Sliding scale given for Psychologist/Social Worker insurance ONLY , as per the need. Let me know your expected sliding scale rate. Each session is of 55 min.




Note: Please see to it that you are not intoxicated for 72 hours prior to and during your session visits. Even Psychedelic Drugs, Marijuana are not permitted. Medical Marijuana if prescribed by your doctor, is permitted. 





Payment is expected at the beginning of every session (atleast 2 hours before) ; unpaid sessions will require to be rescheduled.  

1. Payment FOR INSURANCE COVERING A LICENSED PSYCHOTHERAPIST. Payment can be done online via Credit card for insurance covering a Psychotherapist or Social Worker OR


Payment can be done by e-transfer using email

( or & using Renuka Gupta as name.


2. Payment for insurance covering a LICENSED PSYCHOLOGIST is done through credit card number information taken during the booked session OR by e-transfer using email


& using Renuka Gupta as name.



Take Care !!  Blessings and Healing

IMP - You need to confirm from your insurance company, if you are covered for Licensed Psychologist  or Licensed Psychotherapist. If confused, Read more , Click ---->

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You may select date and time, if appointment slots are available, you will be confirmed for the same date and time.

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Need Direct Divine Universal Guidance without a session, simply email your question/s, only first name needed, no details about you or any History needed. Technique HART.



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