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A Healer Lives in You....

Welcome from    Renuka   

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Blessings !

Renuka Gupta, [Ph.D, RP, CHT, PLRT]

Degree: PhD in Clinical Psychology
Licensed Psychotherapist (CRPO, ON, CA),

Lic. Clinical Hypnotherapist (IHA, Worldwide)

Psychospiritual Therapist,

Past Life Regression Therapist.

Finding your Self

Just like there is no single remedy to cure all disorders, there cannot be Just one therapy to cure all emotional, adjustment and relationship issues. 
I am a Spiritualogist, I combine the study of Psychology with Spiritualogy and bring it into my practice. My treatment comprises of a combination method, which includes several forms of Psychotherapies and not just CBT. Apart from using Psychotherapies, I also use Clinical Hypnotherapy which treats Emotional, Behavioral, Mental and Physical Illness Issues. Referrals are made if there is a need for medication along with therapies provided by me.
Past Life Regression Therapy is another special modality used by many practitioners in the states, for which I got formal certification from AHA, California, USA. 
The combination helps especially those clients who have done Psychotherapy and Medicine therapy for years together, and have not yet reached a state they want to reach, rather seeing just an increase in medicine dosage levels. 
The combination method makes the therapy process for a shorter duration, with insights obtained which in turn leads to further required changes. COMBINATION THERAPY recordings are given to clients as per their condition, which they listen at home and this brings internal changes which is required for a Client to be motivated and consistent to achieve change. A therapist cannot be present 24.7, it is during these times that the combination Therapy recordings aid the client, and slowly forms a necessary habit pattern which we all call as 'Personality'. This new formed affirmative habit brings more consistent and permanent changes.


Apart from Psychotherapy, Hypno-Psychotherapy, PsychoSpiritual therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, I also use the trance / meditation / relaxation state for healing Emotional Issues and also certain Physical illness by Energy Healing , Colors (Light Healing) and HART Technique I invented. Know more about HART by clicking the below on Page ' HART ' .

"My path is to Heal , not Prove..... "

- Rens

Apart from Past Life Regression Therapy I also do Age Progression, where my clients under trance are guided by their Higher souls about the Purpose of their Life, how to resolve current issues by taking the necessary steps, also knowing important incidences of Future Life yet to come and take it as a guidance to live the present. Few of my clients have also known the Journeys of next life times. Few concepts like Metaphysical Causes of Illness and Numerology and its Spiritual meaning is also something which I have recently come across, as one of my new research interests, which I am applying with my clients as per the need.

Welcome to Healing, and finding the Healer in you.....

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