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Certified Past Life Regression Therapist


Certfied Professional HART Practitioner

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Level I, II, III courses together for 

444 USD

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Certified Courses

Level I Certified Hypnotherapist is

Certification in

5 Days Course
1 hour per day
2 Day Course
2 hours per day & a follow up

Level IV Course Fees
300 USD

Certified Hypnotherapist

This course Provided by my Clinic, is an IHA Approved Certificate Course, approved worldwide

International Hypnosis Association - IHA

Students who complete course Level I under Dr. Renuka Gupta, can register with the IHA and pay the standard dues as given below, and receive an electronic version of another certificate from IHA via email. 


Links to apply for IHA Membership and Certificate:

Make sure you click the "IHA Approved Course" tab, and that you enter your name as needed on the certificate and course name as

1.    Certifed Hypnotherapist


Standard Dues (in US dollars):


1 year membership: $75


3 year membership: $150


Lifetime membership: $300


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