Virtual Clinic

Virtual clinic COLLABORATION Intent

 Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression

 Energy Healing Holistic, Alternative Healing Clinic


 Virtual /Online clinic for North America, Asia, Europe, UK, Australia, UAE and more..

 For those who cannot afford in their country


 This Clinic globally unites professionals and combines psychotherapy with any of the above modality.


 Fees range from 25 USD to maximum 50 USD

 Fees- Canada insurance covering a Psychotherapist


Independent Healers across the globe offer their unique specialities through this clinic

Main Branch : North America

Sub Branch: India


Many Modalities which are brought into the West,  

sometimes many hardly known in the West

or sometimes the Fees incurred is very high for those in the West

Keeping all the above in mind-

The Virtual Clinic was born in

Feb 2020.

Extremely Low Rates

Best Practitioners of their Field, Selected with high level evaluation

Brought to all

Virtually anywhere in the world


Services Offered

Akashic Reading, 1 hour
 Pranic Healing, 1 hour
 Access Consciousness, 1 hour 15 min
 Counseling with Homeopathy Consultation (Online Prescription) 1 hour 15 min
 Yoga & Pranayam Consultation, 1 hour
 Naturopathic & Sujok Consultation, Diet combined , 1 hour
 Past Life Regression, 1 hour
 Hypnotherapy, 1 hour
 Entity and Lost Soul work, 1 hour
 People Messenger, Healing Meditation, Shamanic Healing, 1 hour
 Energy Cleansing, Salt Lamp Meditation, 1 hour  Reiki Chakra Therapy, Tarot Reading ,  Angel Card Reading, 1 hour

FEES All covered in 1 Session fee billed to you, you can select 1 to 3 services from any of the above, as the price for 2 to 3 sessions gets covered in 1 Session fees.

If you want to do other services later on, then:

Remainder amount can be saved as balance and used in future Or
Used for an extra session
with Psychotherapist